Chattanooga celebrates 120 years of bottling Coca Cola

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – 120 years ago, a bottling empire started right here in Chattanooga.

News 12’s Kaylee Nix shows us the history behind one of the world’s favorite soft drinks.

“When a bottle of Coca Cola is manufactured or sold, there really is a little bit of Chattanooga in every one of those bottles”

And a little bit of Chattanooga has been in coke now for over a century.
Coke executives celebrated the milestone by sharing a coke with employees and the community.

“The community is so excited with partnering with us in this. We visited with the mayor earlier today. I think Chattanooga and Coca Cola are synonymous with each other.”

President and CEO John Sherman took a tour of the bottling facility off Amnicola highway, the home of the first coke bottling process.

With major upgrades to the production side, Sherman is hopeful about the future of coke.

“When I reflect on where we were 25 or 30 years ago to where we are today, its a remarkable change.. the technology that we’ve invested in the manufacturing side here in Chattanooga really just gives us a great deal of confidence that our future is very bright here.”

That bright future includes expanding not only the brand, but the community relations.

“We want to be in front of everybody. Its our responsibility, we owe it to ourselves and to the community to be corporate partners, to be community partners, and to be doing the right thing every day in this community.

And while the coke recipe is still one of the tightest kept secrets, Sherman says he knows the true secret behind the brands success.

“you know I’m asked a lot of times whats the secret formula? Do you know the secret formula? And of course I don’t, but then again when I reflect on it I really do because its the people.”

In Chattanooga, Kaylee Nix News 12 now

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