Chattanooga Central High School Honors Luther Masingill

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Chattanooga Central High School students and teachers say they cannot thank Luther Masingill enough for all he did for their school.
Summer Spurgon, 12th Grader,"Its such an honor to be here I am so glad Central was able to represent him and I know he was such a great part of Chattanooga history, he’s been on the news so long I am just happy to help"

Principal Finley King says renaming their journalism department means one of their most famous graduates  will be remembered by broadcasters of the future for decades to come.

"Our journalism department actually writes and produces our school newspaper, our online central digests and we are going to name our journalism department the Luther Masingill Journalism Department for Central High School"

For teachers it was also a day to remember their childhood hero.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Brooks, Senior Army Instructor For Chattanooga Central High School,"I know I grow up on Mr Masingill and my parents grew up on Mr Masingill that’s why I think it’s significant behind me who may or may not have known him because when we were growing up he was the voice of Chattanooga"

The ROTC students read the pledge of Allegiance and stood guard throughout the memorial and visitation services.

Staff added that Luther regularly checked in on them ever since he graduated and was an active member of the Chattanooga Central  alumni association.

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