Chattanooga Charities Helping Families With Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Gifts

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)- United Way and Northside Neighborhood House say their teams are working round the clock
to make sure families have food on the table for Thanksgiving and gifts for Christmas.

Lakisha Terry, Chattanooga Mother,"I am one of those people living below budget and trying to do the best you can for your kids."

Lakisha says she turned to Northside Neighborhood House and the 211 United Way hotline for help when she was afraid her children would not have a good Christmas.

"They didn’t really know how they got their gifts when i was coming out here to get a food box she also told me hey they have programs where you can get you know you can get Christmas for your kids and supplies for school."

Northside Neighborhood House also provide groceries for families who are struggling to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

At Northside Neighborhood House say any donations are welcome as they gear up for their busiest time of the year with more and more families coming forward asking for help and support.

Rachel gammon, Executive Director, Northside Neighborhood House "Granddaughter was 13 years old and all she wanted that Christmas was a bike and she was able to pick that out, while its hard to see people facing tough times, it’s a blessing to know we can support them and give them a happy holiday."

At United Way’s 211 Chattanooga Center, teams say accurate distribution of limited resources is a major concern.

Diane Jarvis, United Way of Greater Chattanooga,"To make sure that people are not going to more than one agency to get Christmas at more than one place because those resources are limited, we want to make sure there is enough to go around for anybody that needs it, we have a web based database that we share with agencies in the area."

United Way say they are also working with the Chattanooga Area Foodbank to deal with demand and donations over the next 6 weeks.

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