Chattanooga Chicken Legal Pushes to “Give Peeps a Chance”


They may be the inspiration behind many a joke, but when it comes to these food-producing pets, Chattanooga Chicken Legal Co-Founder Lori Carter is serious when she says ‘all we are saying is give peeps a chance’.

"The hope, moving forward, is to have chickens in the backyard of all people in Chattanooga who wish to have them," Carter says.

As it stands, the birds are illegal in the city, but many owners like Katrina Daoud, say they enjoy their eggs – and companionship – outside the city limits.

Her two hens, Speedy and Lucky, appear quite content at their Harrison home.

But this author says she supports legalizing Chickens inside the city, too.

"We’ve had chickens for almost three years now and it’s brought us a lot of happiness. They’re a lot of fun to watch; they’re comedians. We get fresh eggs from them, and companionship. They follow us around the yard like puppies," Daoud says.

Daoud says in the summer the hens produce enough eggs for her family, and even extras for friends and neighbors.

"Being able to be self-sustaining right now is very important, just because the economy especially. Things are hard, Times are tough, Food’s expensive. And this gives people another way to get some food that they don’t have to pay a lot of money for," Daoud says.

Keith Bien, Co-Operator of Wildwood Harvest CSA Farm, says the chickens play a role in agriculture – even in an urban environment.

"They provide fertility, and nourish the soil, so I think they should definitely be part of any large scale, or even small scale, farming operation," Bien says.

And Bien says it’s only the Roosters, like his – Rodeo, who have anything to crow about.

"Hens aren’t noisy. If you have egg layers they don’t make any noise at all," Bien says.

And these advocates say that’s food for thought for the city.

In Chattanooga, Brittany Shaw, WDEF News 12.

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