Chattanooga Christian School’s weather in the classroom visit

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Weather in the classroom had an exciting month.

Students from CCS had the chance to experience a different kind of visit.

Weather in the Classroom came to the News 12 Now Station.

Storm team 12 Meteorologist Danielle Moss and Bekah Birdsall demonstrated several weather experiments for four kindergarten classes from Chattanooga Christian School.

The students got to learn about different types of weather such as snow, rain, fog, and more.

Mrs. Cummings, a kindergarten teacher at Chattanooga Christian School says they are learning about being community helpers.

“We came here today to learn about the news station and how they help our community and know what is coming in the news and what weather is happening.”

Danielle and Bekah talked with them about how different weather elements can affect us on a daily basis.

“We have had rain for the last couple of weeks and that impacts us in kindergarten because we can’t go out to recess.”

The kindergarten students had great questions for Danielle and Bekah about snow and rain.

Mrs. Cummings says its important to teach the kids real world experiences as well as the different types of jobs out there.

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