Chattanooga City Council Members approve agreement with hotel to house folks dealing with homelessness

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga City Council Members approved an agreement with a Budgetel to provide non congregant COVID-related housing up to 100 households dealing with homelessness.

“For a 90 day period beginning March 13th 2021 and ending June 12 2021 with an option to extend the agreement if funds are expended for an additional 90 day period for FEMA reimbursement amount not to exceed 400,000 dollars,” the resolution read.

Council members also moved forward with an ordinance to lower the speed limit on certain streets.

“In some cases we have actually made changes to these streets or soon will be making changes to these streets such that we expect the speed of travel to go down,” Chattanooga Transportation Administrator Blythe Bailey said.

The ordinance will be in front of council a final time next week.

This comes as the city has been collaborating with the police department to analyze data related to crashes.

“I recognize from some conversations with you as well as the police that this doesn’t solve all of our problems. I know that we have a lot of problems with the speed of traffic throughout the city but we think putting some focus around this and doing it collaboratively with police is a really positive first step,” Bailey said.

Council members also approved funds to pay TVA for work on a piece of land the city is looking to acquire.

The land would be used for a new law enforcement training facility.

“The city about 1 year ago had submitted a request for this property for the potential location of a firing range to be constructed on this site and TVA requires there be some due diligence activities,” Chattanooga City Engineer Bill Payne said.

The land is near the intersection of  Amnicola Highway and 153.

Authorities hope to include a K-9 training facility, obstacle course and indoor firing range.

“This entire part of the range is designed by a special firm that’s what they do for a living, is design indoor range facilities to not only protect it ballistically from a filtration system for the employees that use it, but also mitigate any sound that goes on inside the range so it doesn’t disturb the surrounding area,” Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said.

The project is still several steps away from construction.

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