Chattanooga City Council withdraw subpoena for District Attorney Neal Pinkston

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It was just a week ago Tuesday when the Chattanooga City Council issued a subpoena for District Attorney Neal Pinkston.

The City Council decided to revoke that subpoena.

Council members said the subpoena accomplished its goal.

District Attorney Neal Pinkston released an open letter addressing the Council about the “the failures” of the VRI and his plan to create his own version of the initiative.

Council members agree, there are issues with VRI they want solved.

Members said they are not receiving some information about the VRI.

Council member Larry Grohn said he has initiated 2 open records requests.

He is now going to file a 3rd, and this time he plans to get the state involved.

“We’re not getting the information in terms of training that’s taking place. In terms of jobs that are being secured for these individuals. The type of services they’re receiving, we’re not getting the individual data from that.”

Councilman Grohn said the amount of violence in Chattanooga has remained the same since the initiative was created in 2014.

“Unlike other cities, Chattanooga’s violence remains static. In other words it hasn’t been much of a decrease…there hasn’t been much of a huge increase. Are we satisfied with status quo or should we see a reduction for the amount of effort and the amount of funds that we’re spending?”

The violence reduction initiative has cost the city $290,000 each year.

District Attorney Neal Pinkston’s office tells News 12 Pinkston and Mayor Andy Berke are scheduled to have a private meeting this Friday.

The specifics of their conversation will remain confidential.

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