Chattanooga City Leaders Respond to Negative Bike Chattanooga Report

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – If you’re on a bicycle, the last thing you want to do is hit a bump in the road, but according the Wall Street Journal, Bike Chattanooga has done just that.

They say the initial funding of $2.1 million has been spent, and revenue continues to decline in the two years they’ve been around.

Ben Taylor, with Chattanooga’s transportation department, says, "I think one of things they focused on is the number of actual numbers they have right now. That’s only part of the story."

Taylor says the Wall Street Journal didn’t take into account their casual riders.

Taylor adds, "These are the folks that go up and they rent a bike for a 24 hour period or 3-day period. And that’s what’s been very beneficial in Chattanooga."

There have been more than 23,000 casual riders in the last two years.

Taylor says, "The numbers go down in the winter when it’s the coldest, but we still see over 100 trips a day in the coldest parts of the winter."

Taylor expects those numbers to go up when Chattanooga puts in more protective bike lanes.

He’s also banking on more local sponsors stepping up to see that this program succeeds.

Taylor adds, "There’s ad space available on the kiosks."

The city will also be announcing more free bike days in the coming weeks in hopes tourists and residents get hooked on this concept.

Nationwide, bike sharing has seen its fair share of rough roads.

Bike Chattanooga will be hosting a event on the 25th in Miller Plaza.

Organizers say if you attend they’ll give you $25 off of a membership.

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