Chattanooga Commuters Frustrated With USA Cycling But Riders Want To Come Back

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Road blocks and flashing police lights dotted downtown as riders whizzed by competing for the stars and stripes.

Larry Myles, Be Real Sports Kentucky,"It’s a fabulous city it’s a cycling city, you have had it for three years, beautiful course, great town".

However some commuters say they are frustrated with the restrictions on where they can and can’t drive.

Shirley Davis, Chattanooga Commuter,"Wherever I go roads are closed I am trying down this way, all this is okay but it is a big inconvenience trying to get to your neighborhood and all down there is closed".

"I didn’t realize they were going to block off my route, is it a bit of an inconvenience for you, probably a little bit driving a truck you run into that all the time" said a local driver.

Keeping a cycling team a float is a million dollar business and many riders also race in Europe and Africa as well as Asia to justify the costs but they do say Chattanooga has a lot to offer.

Chris Johnson, Airgas – Safeway Cycling Team,"You know it does have a large size population but it’s a big enough city that it can put attention on the event while in really large cities like LA or NYC an event might get lost in a series of events but personally i’d like to see it come to San Francisco, Philadelphia would be a good place to go".

Greenville South Carolina previously held the event which attracted almost 30,000 people in it’s first year in the Scenic City.

Cycling fans told us they wouldn’t be surprised if the Cycling series moved to Colorado or to San Diego.

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