Chattanooga Company Could Offer Mental Health Support After Santa Barbara Shooting

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-CHATTANOOGA, TN, (WDEF)-"I will slaughter every single spoiled stuck up blonde slut"

 Psychologist  Dr Elizabeth O’Brien feels there were warning signs that 22 year old Elliot Rodger was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Inability to maintain his schooling, inability to maintain relationships, being in so many different relationships with psychiatrists and counselors"

She added his revenge journal dating back to 2011 shows an adolescent feeling powerless as he struggles to become a man.

"The only way they can find empowerment is to victimize others so they can feel truly powerful the slippery slope of that is they are not more powerful in fact it makes them weaker"

At the Business Development Center  in North Chattanooga, one local company is already talking with the University of California Santa Barbara and other colleges across the nation to try and prevent something like this ever happening again"

"So I could type the key phrase feeling depress or key phrase, I feel like shooting them up and it is going to show me each individual that has included that in one of their tweets"

WeCounsel also provides live mental health counselors via video link  so sufferers do not have to deal with the stigma of visiting a clinic.

They added most sufferers  turn to social media for help rather than in person as many are already partially living in a virtual online world.

"End up on a forum that is full of negativity with people trying to push them to do something, in my opinion to some degree they want to be there and they want to be pushed"

UTC officials meet weekly to discuss students who are most at risk of harming themselves or others.

Craig Hamilton, Deputy Chief of Campus Police,"Whether it’s a student who has lost a family member and a notification has been made all the way to a student  that’s presenting some and luckily this is infrequent, others that are presenting some behaviors that are pretty dangerous

Hamilton added that sometimes students fall through the cracks but they hope that classmates or friends come forward with information to help.

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