Chattanooga Company Expanding into Alton Park

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Good news for the Chattanooga job market.
Alstom will add 60 jobs this year, and Chattem will add 50 jobs and a new building at its Saint Elmo plant.
And now, Emerson Russell Management Corporation has acquired U.S. Cavalry and is moving its operations into a warehouse in Alton Park.

MAYOR JIM COPPINGER, HAMILTON COUNTY "With 3 new companies ..Again hiring people here locally, keeping the unemployment rate down..making capital investments..all of this is good for the community."

The good economic news came at the Mayor’s Breakfast sponsored by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.
Emerson Russell Management Corporation bought U.S. Calvary and moved it from Kentucky to a warehouse on East 38th street in St. Elmo.
It will create 55 new jobs in the next few months, many of them to be taken by people who can walk to work.

EMERSON RUSSELL, PRES. & CEO, ERMC "90% of these employees live right in this area…they’re just a thrill to work with."

The new company will manufacture, or distribute dozens of products.
Larry Dismukes is president of one of the related companies.

LARRY DISMUKES, PRES. , AEGIS BRAND GROUP "We cover everything on an officer, or a soldier or a firefighter or federal agent head to toe."

That means tactical clothing, guns, and made to order items.

KATHERINE RUSSELL, PRES. MODERN FIREARMS " Being in the hub is extremely important for our business…especially for my business as a certified minority business".

IRA PORTER, WAREHOUSE MGR. "This is a good company to work for ..Of course with us having the distribution of uniforms, for military, law enforcement, firefighters."

LARRY DISMUKES "We have 12 locations across the U.S….one here over in East Ridge. That’s part of our modern firearms store that sells guns and ammo."

About 25 workers are already turning out products at the plant including specialty clothing, and caps.

U.S. Cavalry will spend 3.7 million dollars to develop the new headquarters and manufacturing plant on East 38th Street.

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