Chattanooga councilwoman claps back at social media attacks

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod claps back at social media attacks.

The councilwoman claimed that negative remarks about her had been circulating on Facebook.

She spoke out about it during the council agenda meeting Tuesday night tonight.

“It’s been circulating on Facebook that I’ve been acting ‘Uncle Tom-ish,'” she said.

“I’ll take that label of being ‘Uncle Tom-ish.’ Why? Because you failed to do your homework when you failed to attach a, to make it very demeaning towards my character, because ‘Uncle Tom,’ what he done if you research Josiah Henson he was the real ‘Uncle Tom’ and he was really instrumental in the Underground Railroad, and he saved many slaves.”

Councilwoman Coonrod said that this all came about after she started talking about black on black crime and self-responsibility.

“So, yes. You can call me ‘Uncle Tom.’ You can call me a ‘coon.’ You can call me whatever you want to, and I’ll proudly wear it. Why? Because, I’m simply trying to help free our people and get them out of the mindset of depending on the government when we can do things for ourselves,” She said.

She said that she will continue to empower black people to be self-sufficient, assume self-responsibility and make sure their families matter to them.

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