Chattanooga Couple Accused of Stealing 57 Blocks of Cheese

FORT OGLETHORPE, GA (WDEF) – Young married couples normally do a lot of things together.

However, stealing 57 blocks of cheese from Wal-Mart usually isn’t one of them.

Chief David Eubanks with the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department, says,"57 blocks of cheese and some household items like shower hooks, laundry detergent, a candle, and some clothing."

Police collected more than $600 worth of stolen goods from the Wal-Mart store on Battlefield Parkway.

Apparently, they were hard to conceal because Fort Oglethorpe Police say Joshua Caldwell, 21, got caught.

Chief Eubanks adds, "Officers responded and met with management in the parking lot. They pointed to a vehicle that was occupied by a white male."

While getting Caldwell’s ID from his Jeep, officers noticed something that didn’t resemble something from Wal-Mart’s produce department.

Chief Eubanks says, "The officer leaned into the car and smelled marijuana immediately and looked on the seat and there was marijuana in plain view in a clear, plastic bag."

At that time, police say Erika Caldwell walked up.

Chief Eubanks adds, "She said that she knew the guy, he was friend of hers."

However, officers found her ID in her husband’s Jeep, and she was arrested too.

She also had a baby with her, who had to be picked up by family members.

According to Chief Eubanks, "It’s never a surprise really."

But the average person is left wondering … Why all the golden goodness?

They never told investigators.

So, their best guess is this.

Chief Eubanks says, "It looks that could have been for resale or trading for other contraband."

The Caldwells were both charged with felony shoplifting and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.

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