Chattanooga Couple Seeks to Break World Record and Feed Needy Children

HIXSON, TN (WDEF) – Gregg and Robin Layne are doing more than burning calories, they’re burning a question into the minds of many.

Gregg says, "How many people can say, Hey, I was involved in a world record?  Here’s your chance."

On January 3rd, the Layne’s are encouraging everyone to join a free fitness class at various locations across the Chattanooga area.

Gregg adds, "We’re going to set a world record, across the world, at the same time, the largest group workout."

But listen, there’s a twist.

Gregg says, "We’re going to have a sign in sheet where you’ll sign in. So, we’ll have your name and when your name is logged like that. You are going to get 30 meals donated in your name to a child in need."

Now, the money for the meals isn’t coming out of the Layne’s pocketbook.

A billion dollar meal replacement shake company called ViSalus is footing the bill.

Robin adds, "They have done very well, and so their way of giving back is to help where it starts.  It starts with the children."

If you can’t make it to what could be the world’s largest fitness class, the company is asking that you loose ten pounds or gain ten pounds of muscle in 90 days.

They’ll then honor the 30 free meal deal.

Gregg says, "The only way we can create awareness is by doing something big, and this is going to be huge."

The Layne’s hope breaking a sweat means breaking bad habits in the future.

On January 3rd you can join the group fitness class at Workout Anytime in Hixson and Kyle’s Place.

For other locations or information, call 423-421-7995.

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