Chattanooga creates new 311 app and website for residents

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Thanks to a new app developed by the city of Chattanooga, residents will be able to request city services and report incidents like potholes right from their own smart phone.

“This is just the first portion of it. It’s actually what we call the “My Chattanooga” experience. “My Chattanooga” app. So we start with 311, but over the next six years we’re going to roll out more and more features so that we can actually have this become a full one stop shop platform for the city, for doing business with the city,” says Chattanooga Chief Information Officer, Brent Messer.

Messer says that as of Thursday, March 11th, the beta version of the system is live and functional.

311 Customer Service Manager Derek Frizzell says the system is designed to be user friendly.

“If they see a pothole or anything like that they can take a picture and just send it straight in,” says Frizzell.

However, Frizzell and Messer say that by choosing to participate in MyChattanooga Public Beta testing, residents will have the ability to send feedback, report bugs, and make requests for new and improved functionality.

“We designed it specifically so that it was a better interface for people to be able to use, make it a lot easier and also to add the capability of just making it so streamline that it wasn’t complicated or complex in any kind of way,” says Messer.

Frizzell says that it’s important for residents to utilize the app so important fixes like pothole repairs can be made.

“As a city entity, we do not have the manpower or the funds to have people out just driving around checking things. So if you don’t contact 311 and let us know what’s going on, there’s a lot of times that we may be unaware of it,” adds Frizzell.

The current Chatt311 application will remain active during the public beta.

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