Chattanooga FC Chairman Tim Kelly on Challenges Facing The Club

Chattanooga FC Co-Founder and Chairman Tim Kelly recently answered some questions for on how the club has made history with their community focused initiatives and challenges to the hierarchy of American soccer.

On the question of why CFC offered ownership shares to the public, Kelly said, “When we realized that as a grassroots, non-franchised community team we were never going to LEAVE Chattanooga, we thought: why WOULDN’T we do that? I think think the reason it’s not more common in the US is that our sports landscape is dominated by a franchise system that treats team first and foremost as for-profit businesses and so they want to be able to pull up stakes and leave if things aren’t going well.”

When asked about the the USL and Chattanooga Red Wolves’ presence in the city, Kelly replied, “We will never underestimate the threat because of the league’s efforts to undermine us and exert their influence through the Federation, but from what we’ve seen thus far, it’s just a laughable annoyance.”

You can read the full interview here.

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