Chattanooga Fire Department Academy Training

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) We hear about fires destroying homes and people’s lives all too often, but the Chattanooga Fire Department is taking preventive measures this week to make sure the new staff is ready handle any situation.

25 Fire Academy recruits took part in fighting a simulated house fire Tuesday.

The house was donated.

The training chief says recruits are getting real hands-on experience.

Training Chief Phil Hyman says, "The Academy has been going through a numerous weeks now, training up till this point. this house will give us a live fire training exercise all this week.So the recruits will go in and practice putting fires out, doing search and rescue drills, and try to give them as live of an experience as we can."

Recruits get blindfolded to practice how to fight a fire in a house full of thick, black smoke.

Training ends Friday when they completely burn the house down.

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