Chattanooga Fire Department hosts training event, teaches life saving techniques

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Fire Department always goes above and beyond to keep our city and families safe.

This week they have been hard at work fine tuning their skills and  adding a few more to their tool belts—— all with the help of some new equipment.

“As firefighters, we go in and fight fires. We tell the public what to do ‘STOP, DROP AND ROLL, CLOSE YOUR DOORS’ but when we get into trouble we haven’t had anything put into place for us,” says Dorian Jackson, International Association of Firefighters. 

Thanks to a $77,000 grant , the Chattanooga Fire Department was able to bring in the fire ground survival program to learn vital fire ground survival techniques that teach firefighters how to self-rescue or rescue a fellow firefighter.

“That is the worst day for a firefighter is when that MAYDAY is called. No one wants to hear it but when they leave here they will be prepared to handle that situation. We teach them how to bail out of a window, how to get through a small space, how to crawl through wires and stuff like that,” says Jackson.

The firefighters were put through intense real-life scenarios-that helped to teach them a variety of essential skills-skills necessary for surviving when disoriented, low on air, trapped, or injured.

“It’s very important to be able to help the citizens and help ourselves. These skills will hopefully get you to a safe haven. The hose is our lifeline. It’s attached to the fire truck outside. If we go to that hose and we find out where we are on the hose then we know we can get out,” says Jack Thompson, President of Firefighters Association. 

The grant also allowed the Chattanooga Fire Department to purchase a new trailer which will allow them the opportunity to travel to nearby stations and teach others the mayday survival skills.

This expansion of skills and knowledge is just another way the fire department works every day to keep the citizens of Chattanooga safe.

This event was able to train several departments across the state and northwest Georgia.

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