Chattanooga Firefighter Johnson is First Responder of the Month

There’s probably no greater calling for a firefighter than saving the life of someone in a burning home.

That’s what Chattanooga firefighter George Johnson did, and he was recognized for his quick work by his department at their annual banquet.We’re proud to name George Johnson our First Responder of the Month.

Here’s News 12’s Bill Mitchell.

In June of 2018, Chattanooga firefighters were called to an early morning blaze on Windsor Street.
Firefighter George Johnson was part of that crew.
What he did when he arrived at the burning home was daring..and successful.
George Johnson was honored at the annual firefighter awards banquet last week with the annual heroism award.

GEORGE JOHNSON, CHATTANOOGA FIREFIGHTER  “People that were already out of the house, home, let us know that there was someone still in..I reached the front door, went in..heavy smoke and fire …thanks to our thermal energy camera that would help me and assist me in finding the patient as quickly as possible …I was almost out of gas..getting her out I got the the door and Captain Randy Steele was there to assist me and we both got the victim out.”

Captain Randy Steele received the Medal of Valor for his part in that rescue.
CAPT. RANDY STEELE  ” For me its great, but for George Johnson..for firefighter George Johnson..he really went above and beyond in my opinion..” “you have to make a choice of whether you’re gonna be scared or be brave..and uh.. George went..he blew that line right out the door.”

That 33 year old woman was critically burned but she survived..thanks to George Johnson.

GEORGE JOHNSON  “That’s the best reward of this job…is making a difference …the difference you make may be the difference between life and death their family that reassurance that they’ll be able to see their loved one as the end of the my greatest honor.”

There were dozens of other firefighters honored at the annual meeting…and we thanks them all for their service to our community.
But, for heroism in the line of duty we salute Firefighter George Johnson of the Chattanooga Fire Department as our First Responder of the month.

JAMES WETTERMARK “First Responders are not just the professionals who save our lives, put out fires, and stop crime,,,they are also our neighbors. Its an honor on behalf of Wettermark and Keith to honor these first responders.”

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