Chattanooga firefighter receives the American Red Cross ‘Hero Award’

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Chattanooga Fire Department Lieutenant Greg Smith received the American Red Cross Hero award on Thursday Morning. 

Lt. Smith was nominated by the fire department for his outstanding leadership and selfless actions when the tornadoes devastated our community. 

Lt. Smith was working with a different crew on a call when the tornado hit. He says they could only make it so far before they had to go in on foot. 

“I have never been in that situation before. Personally, I rely on faith and trusting God to get us through it. Then training kicks in. It was a matter of people needing help and we need to focus on what we’re doing,” says Lt. Smith, Chattanooga Fire Department.

Lt. Smith and his crew started going door to door helping those in need, even going so far as to carry an injured elderly lady out of her house on a makeshift stretcher-made from the wood of her front door.

The American Red Cross says those reasons are exactly why Smith is a great fit for the hero award.

“Firefighters especially during the tornado, responding as they do all the time anyway. It exemplifies what they are and how they are doing it so well,” says Robert Gould with the American Red Cross. 

Smith along with other members of the fire department worked long hours helping those impacted by the storms and he says he couldn’t have done it without his team.

“Situations like that are tough; mentally and physically but you can’t do it without your team. The key word there is team. Without these guys it would be hard. It’s tough. It’s great to have a great group of guys and great leadership. It comes from the top down,” says Smith. 

The 2020 American Red Cross Virtual Heroes event will take place November 19th.

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