Chattanooga Firefighter Who Saved a Baby and Mother is First Responder of the Month

A first responder never knows what kind of challenge he or she may face when they report for duty.
A Chattanooga fire fighter was actually off-duty and in his apartment when the complex caught fire and he ended-up saving two lives.
News 12’s Bill Mitchell tells us more about First Responder Hero of the Month for June.

It was about 10:30p.m. on August 14th of last year, and Lt. Vernon Lane of the Chattanooga Fire department was in his unit at Hidden Valley Apartments.
A knock on the door alerted him that several units nearby were on fire. In fact it was 24 units where occupants were fleeing for their lives.
Lane grabbed some personal items and left. But he noticed police officers dragging a mattress under the window of an upstairs apartment. A woman was dangling a baby from a third story window.

LT. VERNON LANE, CHATTANOOGA FIRE DEPARTMENT “As I proceeded to the building, the baby got released from the top of the building and I dove into the bushes to grab the baby.”

Because of Lt. Lane’s efforts the 10 month old child was not seriously hurt.
But his night wasn’t over yet.

LT. VERNON LANE “As I was trying to get up…I felt a weight of somebody’s body come down on my back as I was getting up and I realized it was the mother of the child.”

Lt. Lane got help for the baby and her mother, and continued helping fellow firefighters who fought the flames for most of the night.

Lt. Vernon Lane’s quick action guaranteed that two of the residents of that complex came away without a scratch.
Because of his actions, Lt. Vernon Lane of the Chattanooga Fire Department is our First Responder Hero of the month.

And, by the way, Lt. Lane lost most of his possessions when his apartment was one of those that burned.
If you’d like to nominate a First Responder Hero of the Month, send us an email with all the information to News@WDEF.News 12.
In Chattanooga, Bill Mitchell News 12 now.

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