Chattanooga Firefighters Injured in Morning Blaze

The sound of an ambulance and the hum of a fire truck; all sounds Yolunda Moore never thought she’d hear Monday morning.

Moore adds, "I immediately called police, and ran over there and started beating on the doors and windows."

Around 10:45 a.m. on 2813 4th Avenue, Chattanooga firefighters noticed smoke pouring out of the back of a structure.

Moore says, "It was just a lot of smoke everywhere, coming from everywhere."

We’re told half of the residence was a home, the other half a salon.

Bruce Garner, with the Chattanooga Fire Department, says, "The firefighters went in immediately, conducted a primary search, didn’t find anybody inside, while other firefighters worked on putting the fire out."

But in the process, it’s believe at least three firefighters experienced a so-called flashover.

That’s when several combustibles explode.

We’re told temperatures in the room they were in reached more than one thousand degrees.

Garner says, "The paramedics on scene tell me their injuries are not thought to be life threatening."

Three firefighters were burned on their head, neck, and hands.

Luckily, they were all treated at Erlanger Medical Center and released.

Moore adds, "I was shocked I guess because the house had caught on fire once before."

Fire officials could not confirm that, but did say they are investigating the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, this is what Moore sees when she looks out her front door: a singed attic and metal that is peeled back so far, it actually looks like an awning.

The homeowner could not be reached for comment.

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