Chattanooga Firefighters Recognized with “Three Stars of Tennessee” Award

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga firefighters that responded to the Woodmore Bus Crash on November 21, 2016 were recognized for their efforts today by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

The recognition is normally reserved for one first responder, but in this case they made an exception.

At their First Responder Recognition Ceremony, held every year on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Homeland Security Commissioner David Purkey presented the “Three Stars of Tennessee” award to Captain Keith Liles and eight other firefighters who were able to make the trip to the state capitol.

Here is a portion of what Commissioner Purkey read out loud before presenting the certificate:

“On November 21, 2016, a school bus carrying 37 K-5 students from Woodmore Elementary School crashed into a tree, killing six children and injuring many more. This incident drew national attention due to the tragic loss of life, and the coverage that followed related to the bus driver. What did not make the news were the heroic actions of Chattanooga firefighters. This was a very complicated extrication operation. The bus was partially wrapped around a large tree. In addition to the injured and deceased students, several were trapped in the twisted wreckage. It took the firefighters roughly two hours to free all of the victims. Even knowing the gravity of what they were dealing with, the firefighters fell back on their training and stayed focused until the job was done. As a result, many other children on that bus were saved due to the heroic actions of the firefighters, and the support they received from EMS and police.”

Here is a list of all the firefighters who were involved in the fire department’s response to the Woodmore Bus Crash:

Captain Keith Liles
Captain David Tallent
Captain Al Walker
Lt. Ronnie Goss,
FFE Keith Edgemon
FF Brandon Fryar
FF Charles Zinzer
FF Jeffery Bonner
Capt John Lehman
Capt Richie Taylor
Capt Al Walker
Capt Michael Montieth
Lt. Justin Vice
Lt. Ronnie Goss
Lt. Jonathan Higgins
FFS Terrance Watkins
FFE Keith Edgemon
FF William Crackel
FF Edgar Patton
FF Jeffery Bonner
Capt Keith Liles
Capt Will Andrews
Capt Travis Williams
B/C Nate Middlebrooks
FFS Avery Hubbard
Capt Dusty Rose
Capt David Tallent
B/C Chris Willmore
FF Brandon Fryar
Lt. Jason Rains
B/C Chris Warren
FF Charles Zinzer
Lt. Fred Edgemon
FFS Jack Thompson
FFE Engineer Andrew Womac

* Photo by Deputy Chief Seth Miller

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