Chattanooga Football Club Announces Return To Play

The Chattanooga Football Club will return to the pitch this month. They’ll be hosting the NISA Independent Cup, a series of exhibition matches at Finley Stadium. The first match will be July 11th against the Georgia Revolution.

Even though fans will not be allowed for the first game, CFC head coach Peter Fuller says he’s glad his players will finally be back in action.

“The fact that we get to play anybody. I’m just happy for the players. I mean. What do players want to do? They want to play. I mean and they want to compete. Finally looks like we’ll get a chance to do that.”

Independent Cup Schedule:

July 11
CFC vs Georgia Revolution 8:00pm (Finley Stadium)
Soda City at Savannah Clovers

July 18
Soda City vs Georgia Revolution 5:00pm
CFC vs Savannah Clovers 8:00pm (Finley Stadium)

July 25
Georgia Revolution vs Savannah Clovers 3:00pm
CFC vs Soda City 6:00pm (Columbia, SC)

Championship & Playoff Schedule

Aug 1 (Finley Stadium)
3rd Place Game 5:00pm
1st Place Game 8:00pm

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