Chattanooga gets Outdoor Fitness Centers

Chattanooga is about to be the home to three outdoor fitness centers…
Their purpose is to promote healthy lifestyles in areas with a high obesity risk, and they’ll be the first of their kind in the city.
 The Chattanooga city Council approved a donation from the Trust for Public build three outdoor fitness centers.
They’ll be at the East Lake, Carver, and South Chattanooga Community Centers.
They’ll also be building a new playground at East Lake donated in part by Playcore.
Chattanooga’s Youth and Family Development Recreation Director Greta Hayes says getting adults active is just as important as getting kids active.
"What we see a lot of time is if we have soccer, baseball, softball, any outdoor activity that the parents usually stay in the cars, text, talk on phone and eat fast food," said Hayes.
Officials say the projects should get started in about two weeks.
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