Chattanooga Ghost Tours Offering the Spookiest Insight on Local History

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF): “When you start hearing footsteps when you’re the only one in the building or one of the fellows was just telling me last night that he heard screaming and he was the only one here,” says Amy Petulla, Owner of Chattanooga Ghost Tours.

Ghostly Greetings from the Chattanooga Ghost Tours located on East Fifth st.

Amy  practiced law for twenty years before opening up her business back in 2007.

“My kids and I always loved taking ghost tours, and it’s a great way to find out about a city. And, we always wondered how come Chattanooga doesn’t have one because it is such a historic city. So when I decided to retire, I did some research to see if there were enough ghosts in town to make it worth it. Turns out there’s an abundance.”

They offer different ghost tours.

One is a walking tour around downtown for all ages led by your tour guide who will tell you all the spooky, historic stories of Chattanooga.

The other is a ghost hunt tour where guests get to use equipment to find spirits and ghosts, and is for ages eighteen and up.

“I can probably count on one hand that nothing’s happened. So, we do have a fair amount of activity on that one. We tell people that one’s for the more adventurous, the people who wanna have an experience rather than just hear some stories.”

Says the most haunted places include the Read House, battlefield, and Underground Chattanooga.

Amy said she herself was a skeptic at one point, but seeing all the activity throughout the years makes her a true believer.

“For the skeptics, they have to experience it for themselves. And, we love the skeptics because we’ve had several that have started out the tour that way and ended in a different mindset.”

Chattanooga Ghosts Tours offer tours year round, but isn’t for the scaredy cats.

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