Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

The Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by looking at its past. The school recently formed an Alumni Association and many of those former students recently went back on campus to talk about the school.

Maryo Beck, Principal, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, “Every year we invite our graduating students back to talk to our current senior class and our current junior class. Just to let them know about their experiences in college.”

Aareon Reed, CGLA Alumni, Class of 2018, “Of course your teachers are going to tell you, you know study, focus, do those type of things, but when you actually hear it from someone who is around your age (who is currently doing it now), It’s easier for them now to understand the meaning behind the knowledge that their teachers and peers are trying to get them.”

Akeia Colley, CGLA Alumni, Class of 2016, “We gave them like a lot of information about like how to budget your money, how to deal with stress while there is stress, and just to get to know their professors to help them. Because when you get to know professors they can move mountains for you.”

Maryo Beck, “Some of us have been out of school many years. and so they have a first hand experience that they can tell them what’s going on even today. They can give them that first hand experience about what college life is about. What to expect. But also reinforce some things that we have also told them. Like there is no make up Time. Turn in your assignments on time. Do the things you are supposed to do. Study. So they also reinforce some of those things that we also say on a regular basis. I’m always excited to see them. I love to see them come back with their enthusiasm about what went on in school. Cause you know I tell them all the time, college is the best time of your life; enjoy it but make sure you get that degree.”

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