Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy hosts STEM Day

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy hosted STEM Day to showcase projects worked on by students.
It’s an annual event, but like many things, this year was different. 
“We have to work in multiple environments, some students here, some at home, and even the students that were here couldn’t touch a lot of things and share things,” says STEM teacher Michael Plater.
He says teachers are impressed.
“As a teacher sometimes you want to have your students shoot for the moon and you think you kind of got to pull it back and they’re not going to get as far maybe as you think they are. And then they a lot of times will go above what you’re thinking.”
Students also shared what it was like to complete their projects during a tumultuous year affected by the pandemic.
“It has been hard but CGLA pushes kids to push through things, so me being a new student at CGLA has been awesome,” says middle schooler Ja’lyah Griffin.
“If COVID wasn’t a thing then we would’ve been able to build a lot more with our hands and do more with the projects we’ve been working on,” says high schooler Arly Perez.
Representatives from CHI Memorial and the Morehouse School of Medicine were also on campus discussing career opportunities with students.
“We’re really entering into a partnership with CHI memorial hospital and as part of that partnership we want to show our presence in the community,” says Erica Sutton, M.D.
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