Chattanooga hosts its first Slow Bike Ride

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Chattanoogans are riding slow through their neighborhoods today for our city’s first Slow Ride.

Dozens showed up to enjoy a nice 2 and a half-mile ride through Highland Park Neighborhood at a manageable pace. It’s an event that allows locals to connect with their neighbors and explore other neighborhoods on a bike.

Communications Coordinator, Marissa Bell, said the event is also a way to give everyone in the community a sense of safety, "Knowing your neighbors on your block allows you to feel safe because if you have a concern, you feel like there’s something going on in your neighborhood, knowing your neighbors allows you to feel like you can do something about it."

Mayor Andy Berke was also there to show his support. And for more information on the Slow Ride, such as future events, click here.

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