Chattanooga Housing Authority receives $900,000 grant

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Housing Authority received a big grant recently.

The National Housing Trust Fund for Rehabilitation awarded them 900 thousand dollars.

The grant will go towards the rehabilitation of 44 units within the Housing Authorities’ Emerald Villages.

There are 1-hundred and 11 units within the village.

C-H-A will be using the money to rebuild housing reserved for people for certain low income residents.

The project will help support homeowners become more self sufficient.

“Rather than them deteriorating and we get rid of them. We will now be able to maintain them, rehab them, and the individuals who occupy them will have stability in their life,” says Naveed Minha, Vice President of Development.

Chattanooga Housing Authority was also awarded a 500 thousand dollar grant last week from the state.

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