Chattanooga Joins National TechHire Initiative

        Mayor Berke and other Chattanooga company leaders joined President Obama in Washington Monday morning to roll out the plans for Tech Hire, an initiative to train the local workforce and create high tech jobs.
        Chattanooga is one of the 21 cities across the nation participating.
        EPB is just one of the companies that will help design this program locally.
        Unum, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Lamp Post group are also on board to be part of the task force.
      Danna Bailey with EPB Corporate Communications said they will help determine specific skills companies need, how to train people, and eventually hire some of them.
        "So, maybe instead of getting someone through a four year degree you get them through some sort of a boot camp that’s much quicker and for very specific kind tech job so boot camps, or workshops, or online training could be some things we look at," said Bailey.
        Chattanooga’s Economic Development director Nick Wilkinson says getting more people trained means more high tech industries will want to come to Chattanooga, and that’s good for the economy.
        "Whether its Volkswagen or Unum, whether Blue Cross or Lamp Post, this initiative is really going to help businesses up and down the spectrum," said Wilkinson.
        It also means putting more people to work in high paying jobs that will benefit the entire community.
        "We are very aware of where this city is going and where our economy’s going to be going. We are preparing for the jobs of the future," Wilkinson said, "This is a way for us to create good middle class jobs that folks will be able to take advantage of for generations to come."
        You can expect to hear more plans on the initiative in weeks to come.
        Memphis, Nashville, and Louisville were also selected to help roll out tech hire.

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