Chattanooga lands an esports festival in October

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – TenGIG is bringing esports to Chattanooga.

Esports turn multiplayer video games into a competitive sport, complete with pros and spectators.

TenGIG is a new festival coming to town October 6-8.

It promises to bring thousands of attendees to play and stream the biggest games in esports, using the city’s gig connection.

EPB is powering every venue for gaming and streaming to social media.

Mayor Andy Berke says “In Chattanooga, we have the fastest, most-pervasive internet in the world and a high quality of life. Guests attending TenGIG will experience not only the best fiber network for gaming, but also a city that’s focused on innovation and empowering people to lead the best life possible.”

“Through the weekend activities in our innovation district and watching collegiate gamers compete, this festival will inspire young Chattanoogans while showcasing tech talent in our city.”

TenGIG will host a League of Legends Southeastern Collegiate Invitational – bringing in thousands of regional collegiate League of Legends players to compete.

Also, TenGIG will host a 24-hour/day PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) LAN open play – streaming 100 feeds simultaneously.

The 100-person battle-royale survival game, developed by Bluehole, has quickly become one of the biggest games in the country, clocking millions of downloads since its launch in March.

In another ‘first,’ TenGIG will have FOUR Killer Queen arcade cabinets located throughout the city. The wildly addictive 5v5 arcade strategy game is the most exclusive arcade game in the world – with only 28 cabinets in existence across the globe.

“TenGIG is our opportunity to showcase Chattanooga as America’s premiere city for gaming and by extension for our nation’s most innovative companies and talent,” said Hodgen Mainda, Vice President of Community Development for EPB.

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