Chattanooga leaders tour construction on local slopes

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga is made up of hills, valleys, rivers and creeks.

It’s the hills and steep drop-offs that are concerning city leaders.

This morning city council hosted a tour of Natural resources Assessment.

The Regional planning agency has been working on the assessment for the last few months and is making recommendations on how to protect the scenic assets while encouraging growth.

Developer Marcus Jones, is the project manager for Magnolia One, where 30 new homes ranging up to one million dollars are being developed on Meroney St. on the North Shore.

He says if stricter regulations had already been passed, this development likely wouldn’t have been built.

“It would have prevented them from approving it, or it would have been approved with so many stipulations to where it wouldn’t have been cost effective to build it. So it either would stop it altogether because of the steepness of the slope, or it would have made it too costly to develop it.”

The City Council requested the tour to see firsthand examples of how new regulation recommendations would effect development along steep slopes.

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