Chattanooga Man accused of killing a Huntsville Police Officer

CHATTANOOGA, TENN (WDEF) – A Chattanooga man has been arrested for the killing of a Huntsville Police Officer over the weekend.

41 year old LaJeromeny Brown is accused of shooting and killing Huntsville Police Officer, Billy Clardy the third.

The bullet hit Clardy right outside of his bulletproof vest piercing his heart.

“This is 32 of Chattanooga’s most dangerous criminals,”says Mayor Andy Berke.

Those are the words Mayor Andy Berke used to describe, LaJeromeny Brown who is beinng charged with capitol murder for the death of Police Officer Billy Clardy.

Clardy, was an Iraq war veteran and had Over 20 years of law enforcement experience.

“This gentleman was doing his job and lost his life and his family and children, it’s just overwhelming,”says Ernest Brown, Chaplain.

Authorities say Huntsville’s Strategic Counter drug Team or STAC unit, received a tip that an large amount of drugs would be dropped off at a location.

Police believe that Brown was going to be involved in that drug transaction.

According to officials, Brown was apprehended after a short pursuit on foot.

Brown’s mother told AL.COM that her son is innocent.

Police records show Brown has a lengthy criminal history here in Chattanooga… including an arrest in 2013 for Federal Drug and Gun Violations and one in 2018 for a Home Invasion on Eastwood Drive.

According to a Chattanooga police report, a woman was walking into a home when two men wearing ski masks put a gun to her back. and told her they were police officers.

Most recently he was arrested in January with the a charge for aggravated assault on a Chattanooga police officer.

Police say Brown led police on a chase up and down Highway 58, down Jersey Pike, and onto Noah Reid Road. This road leads to a dead end and caused Brown to hit the rail road tracks. He fled on foot.  Police say when officers caught up, he continued to resist and struck an officer.

Brown is being held without bond at the Madison County Jail in Huntsville.

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