Chattanooga man accused of starving and dehydrating his dog to death

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A call to animal control about a tethered dead dog has led to the dogs owner being arrested.

Lebron Thrasher, 29, of Chattanooga is now facing one count of aggravated cruelty to animals.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by News 12, the case against Thrasher began back in January when an EPB employee reported seeing a tethered dead dog at home in the 1500 block of Akins Drive.

When authorities arrived on scene, they spoke to Thrasher who told them his Redbone Coon Hound named Moonshine had been struck by lightning and died.

According to the affidavit, the animal was severely emaciated and wearing a large chain and collar with padlocks on the chain and collar. The animal was tethered to a tree. The food and water bowls were empty and extremely dirty.

Thrasher reportedly told the officer the dog died from lightning strike and that he was waiting for the rain to stop to take care of the body. According to the officer, there was no signs of a lightning strike.

A necropsy of the animal revealed a wound in the neck that was infected. The necropsy also revealed the dog had been depleted of water and nutrition. The stomach, small intestines, large intestines and colon were empty of food particles.

According to the necropsy report, Moonshine was deprived of adequate food and nutrition over an extended period of time which resulted in excruciating pain, suffering and eventual death.

After the necropsy report came out, a warrant was issued for Thrasher’s arrest. He was taken into custody and booked into the Hamilton County jail on Wednesday.

An aggravated cruelty to animal charge could land Thrasher on the TBI Animal Abuse Registry if he is convicted.

Thrasher remains in jail on a $5000 bond and his next court date is May 10.

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