Chattanooga man arrested in connection to assault on officer

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A man whom police say attacked a Chattanooga patrol officer with a car is now in jail.

Luster Deloney, 20, of Chattanooga is facing multiple felony charges after police say he used his car to assault an officer.

It happened Sunday night on Windsor Court.

According to police, Deloney was drove through a stop sign at the intersection of South Seminole Drive and Navajo Drive.

When the officer attempted to pull him over, Deloneyr reportedly pulled into a driveway on Windsor Court then pull back out and fled on Windsor Court. The vehicle reportedly stopped at a dead end on Windsor Court where the officer got out of his vehicle to make contact with the driver.

According to the officer on scene, Deloney aggressively pulled into reverse and crashed into the officer’s patrol car which pushed into the officer.

The officer reportedly drew his weapon and fired several shots at the attacking vehicle which eventually got away.

Police traced the car back to it’s registered owner who was identified as Lauren Robinson.

Robinson reportedly told police that Deloney was her baby’s father and that he drove her to work so that he could use her car during the day.

Forensic evidence turned up fingerprints on the car that belonged to Deloney as well as bullet holes that came from the officers hand gun.

On Tuesday, Deloney reportedly showed up at police headquarters and told officers that he heard police wanted to talk to him.

Deloney reportedly told investigators that on Sunday and Monday, he was with someone on Highway 58 and did not go near the Brainerd area where the incident occurred. But authorities claim to have dash-cam video that contradicts his story.

Hid bond has been set at $15,000 and his next court date is October 13.

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