Chattanooga man wants to find out who set his car on fire

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Chattanooga man says someone set his car on fire, and he wants to figure out who did it.

Firefighters say early Monday morning they responded to a car fire on Sharp Street.

The man who owns the car, Charles Lockhart Nash, says he heard a loud sound, and then saw the lights and sirens.

Nash says he believes he was targeted because of information he brought forward.

“I believe it is connected with a recent job that I had just completed on behalf of a client where by I secured and closed down an apartment that was being frequented by drug and crack cocaine users and I believe it is a direct result of that,” Charles Lockhart Nash said.

Nash is offering a reward to whoever gives information that leads to an arrest.

Officials with the Chattanooga Fire Department say the case is under investigation.

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