Chattanooga March for Our Lives

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Chattanooga has made national news the past two weekends due to multiple mass shootings

Residents of Chattanooga and surrounding areas marched, held up signs, and said enough is enough at today’s March for Our Lives.
Those in attendance are calling for tougher gun laws and say common-sense gun laws are needed.
Councilwoman Coonrod spoke passionately and wants people to know that we need to stop these shootings by reporting when we see something, supporting the police and calling them in time of need.  Plus, making change even when Chattanooga isn’t on the national news.
“I’m tired of having the same discussions only when it’s on the national level. We need to be doing this every day locally, every single day, we need to be talking about it. Not just when it happens when we come across the world news. This stuff is happening in our community every day somebody has been shot. Every single day we don’t have to appear on national news for somebody to take a stand. What are we waiting on,” said Coodrod.
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