Chattanooga Mayor discusses future plans in State of the City address

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – In the State of The City address, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke shared some improvements made in what he calls “a city of creators.”

“Creating is not somebody else’s responsibility. It belongs to each of us, but our creativity is not static. With purpose and intention, we can empower every Chattanoogan. So how do we do that? We put our and our efforts where our mouths are,” Mayor Berke said.

Mayor Berke talked about the future and spoke about some plans for the year ahead.

That included establishing and putting one million dollars into an affordable housing trust fund.

“The federal government and state government have reduced many of our options and we need this additional tool to get more units built,” Mayor Berke said.

On another note, The Mayor is planning to create a council against hate.

It’s to combat hate, he said, from incidents that get reported to incidents that happen on social media.

“The council will be appointed to take a look at these problems. See what concrete actions that we can take. We were held up as a model of how to respond to terrorism and we can be a model of how to defeat the hate that inspires it,” Mayor Berke said.

He also has plans to continue improving early learning programs.

“There are a number of places that might have early learning. We want them to expand. There are some places that may have children in the homes and in businesses, but it’s not high quality, so we’ll help them increase the professionalism and another thing is that there are churches and businesses who want to be in early learning and don’t know how and so we’ll have some ways that they can get into them,” Mayor Berke said.

The mayor mentioned continuing efforts in developing the innovation district as well.

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