Chattanooga Mayor and Local Body Shop Mechanic Discuss City Roads and Taxes

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The condition of Chattanooga roadways has been a topic of conversation for years.
“It’s a wide spread problem but if we can take care of our city and make our roads better, it’s a win-win for everyone who lives here,” says Steve Stamey who is the Operations Manager for Maxi Auto Service.
In a series of tweets this week, the City of Chattanooga noted it will cost tens of millions of dollars over a decade to make much-needed infrastructure repairs.
In the tweet, the City even asked the public to “have courage” as these problems are solved.
“We are going to have to make some significant investments in infrastructure and in pay for our police and firefighters just in order to catch up,” says Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly.
He will present a budget before city council August.
“I’m not intending to raise our property tax rate but it’s going to be very difficult to break this into pieces over the next few years so that we can make some significant dent in it,” says Mayor Kelly.
Mayor Kelly ran his campaign on the promise to fix the infrastructure but with drastically rising property value and an in flux of new construction, the bill might be high but a local mechanic says it’s worth it.
“We have a number of customers than come in and say they hit a pot hole and now their tire is going flat or I hit a pothole and now my car is pulling to the left,” says Stamey. “I drive the roads daily, I’m from here. So I see stem to stern that there’s some roads that need serious repair so I think that money will be well spent.”

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