Chattanooga Mayoral Candidates List Goals for the City

Chattanooga voters will decide on March 7 who will lead the city for the next 4 years.
Mayor Andy Berke is seeking a second term, and he has opposition from city council member Larry Grohn and former councilman David Crockett.
All this week we’ve been hearing their thoughts on the important issues facing the city.
Now, the candidates talk about their goals for Chattanooga.

The three candidates have numerous projects they want to see developed in Chattanooga.
Topping the list for all three—following fighting crime and promoting safety—is jobs and education.
Mayor Andy Berke is backing a program for early learning scholarships handled through the United Way.
He says is a child is behind in kindergarten, he stays behind.

MAYOR ANDY BERKE, CHATTANOOGA “What we want to do is put these scholarships..make them available to families who are in that gap, and allow more kids, uh, to be in high quality early learning which helps our education system which there’s been a lot of talk about..and if we can get kids in a better place when they start kindergarten, that’s going to help k through 12 uh, each and every day.”

Challenger Larry Grohn has proposed a trade and technical high school similar to the old Kirkman Tech that was closed years ago.

LARRY GROHN, MAYORAL CANDIDATE “Jobs training, uh, using that to attack, uh, uh wages, living wages ..Affordable housing and renovation of our neighborhoods as a multifaceted approach to reduce crime and violence in the going to be a cornerstone of my 4 years.”

David Crockett was a 3 term council member in the 1990’s.
In addition to promoting a high-speed rail to Atlanta, he has a list.

DAVID CROCKETT, MAYORAL CANDIDATE “We have three big areas that we work on: make the city safe, clean, green, and a lot of programs under that. Second: we have a job choice for every Chattanoogan–a choice so that there are multiple things you could do, for anybody who needs a job or wants a job..right now we don’t have those choices.”

As we told you earlier in the week, all three candidates have programs for combating crime..especially gang violence–but they disagree on the future of the current Violence Reduction Program started by Berke.

Businessman Chris Long is also a candidate. He will be the subject of a later report.

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