Chattanooga Mayoral Race is heating up

Early Voting for the next Chattanooga Mayor is right around the cornerAlready, this year’s campaigning seems to be different then in years past.

With a total of 15 candidates, The Chattanooga mayoral race has the largest number of candidates the city has ever seen. 

Recently, several candidates released information about how much money they have raised towards their campaign and just what the money goes towards?

 “Advertising is a huge part of it. We have a lot of volunteers, but we have paid a lot of volunteers. Those are jobs people need in a pandemic. We have knocked on thousands of doors, sent out a lot of mail, and of course we spent a few bucks with television channels,” says Tim Kelly, Mayor Candidate. 

 With all this talk about finances surrounding the election, some Chattanoogans are wondering if the winner will be determined by the candidate with the best policies-or the most funds.

 “It’s historical because campaigning is so different that we don’t have the ability to get in front of large groups. In order for people to know who you are and to get your message out it does take money to do so, it takes TV advertising and it takes radio. It takes a lot to run a campaign. We feel like we have been very frugal but it does take money,” says Kim White, Mayor Candidate. 

  “Money is important to make sure you are getting your message out. But it’s also important that you’re getting support. With almost 600 donors it’s clear that we probably have the most support of any candidate running. This is a historic race and we are feeling the momentum. More and more people want to be connected to this moment,” says Wade Hinton, Mayor Candidate. 

 Most of  the candidates agree that it’s not just about money. It’s about different platforms and the way you choose to advertise. But with unequal funding, there are concerns that campaigning is becoming big business.

It can take funds to get your name out there. You see all the really nice yard signs and big boards along with the other marketing material. I choose to keep mine simple. The difference between the money and the policies you have to look at the candidate,” says Erskine Oglesby, Mayor Candidate. 

“It’s about money, as you can see with some of the forums you have to have a certain amount of money to even get on the platform with others. It should be an equal opportunity for all even if you are running for any seat in the office or city that you live in. But money cannot win votes,” says DeAngelo Davis, Mayor Candidate. 

Early voting for the election begins February 10th and continues through February 25th, with  election day on March 2nd. 

 The candidates that will be on the Ballot are: Monty Bell, Monty Bruell, Lon Cartwright, Christopher Dahl, D’Angelo Davis, Russell Gilbert, Wade Hinton, Tim Kelly, Chris Long, George Love, Andrew McLaren, Erksine Oglesby, Dr. Eleanor Woods, Kim White and Robert C. Wilson.

A link to voting information. Attached to the candidates name are link to their websites.

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