Chattanooga NAACP Addresses Gun Violence

(WDEF)      The NAACP laid out its plans to help end gun violence in Chattanooga.
     The organization held a press conference Wednesday morning.
     New branch president Dr. Elenora Woods stressed the need to develop community-based solutions to address crime.
     She points to the lack of racial diversity on the Chattanooga Police force.
     She said, "We need to do more. We need to pull in our community leaders that are on the ground in these communities.  I was born right here at 612 West 14th Street Court in 9165.  And to look now at my community, ow it’s unraveled and falling apart.  It’s very disheartening."
     NAACP members plan to hold meetings with Chattanooga City Council committees and community leaders to address these problems.
     That should happen within the next few weeks.
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