Chattanooga one of 20 top most dangerous cities for driving by NerdWallet

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A new report on dangerous driving lists Chattanooga as one of the worst cities in the country.

The personal finance website NerdWallet has been crunching numbers on accident reports, vehicle crimes and auto insurance rates.

They say Chattanooga is the 17th most dangerous city to drive in.

According to their report, our average accident rate is only slightly higher than the national average.

But our fatality rate is much higher.

The average auto insurance bill here is $1080. That’s much better than the most dangerous city of Detroit where drivers pay 5 times more for insurance. It is about the same as Atlanta, which ranks as the 7th most dangerous city. But the safest town of Cary, North Carolina only pays $729.

Chattanoogans average about 8 years between wrecks, compared to 7 in Atlanta and just 4 in Baltimore.

But the city also ranks in the Least Safe category for your chances of suffering auto larceny or theft.

Some general takeaways from the report:

— Larger cities are generally more dangerous for driving, except for New York City.

— Drivers face higher risks in the South and East, less in the Midwest and West.

— Auto insurance is 47% higher in the 20 most dangerous cities. But Chattanooga is on the lower end of that scale.

You can read more on how we compare to other cities at NerdWallet.

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