Chattanooga PD Catch Battery Theft Suspects

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-19 year Desmond Gilbert and 22 year old Deonta Brooks face multiple theft charges after being apprehended  by Chattanooga PD.
Eric Milchak, Chattanooga Police Department,"We are talking at least 100 batteries and they would sell anywhere between 180 to 300 dollars or more."
Gilbert and Brooks were caught when a trucking company decided to permanently mark their own batteries which were then stolen and traced back to the pair.
Eric Milchak, Chattanooga Police Department,"They had 24 more batteries and they were in the process of exchanging them from cash, I went to the recycling business waited for other officers to arrive then we took them into custody."
Family run Truck Service Company Inc were just one of multiple Chattanooga repair shops targeted in recent weeks.
James Gamble, Foreman, Truck Service Company Inc,"They cut the fence, came in, stole some batteries put all the covers back on, then later in the day truck wouldn’t start, we go out and all the batteries are gone.
Gamble’s company sell and repair batteries and service heavy duty truck engines. They have just moved to this location off east 29th and the batteries were stolen at their old location off Watauga street.
Truck service company officials also tell us, they had dozens of these, battery cables, which were also stolen and valued at more than 100 dollars.
James Gamble, Foreman, Truck Service Company Inc,"We are definitely mark our batteries we will sell, our customers batteries we  have no way of marking those but we will definitely take extra precautions with security on the lot."
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