Chattanooga PD K-9 Camie to Get Twitter Account

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.(CPD Press Release)– Not every 5 year old gets a Twitter account, but then again not every 5-year-old has served in the United States Marine Corps and the Chattanooga Police Department.

K-9 Camie has made it through military & police training, served in Afghanistan and is now ready to take on social media – possibly her most difficult task, to date.

Camie’s gregarious, exuberant, love everyone she meets personality is what led to a unanimous decision by her K-9 peers to select her as the spokes-dog of the group.

Camie’s duties as a a “bomb” dog take priority, but her love of attention & need to socialize comes in a close second – she’s a Labrador retriever, after all.

CPD hopes Camie & her four-legged friends will garner support from our neighbors that officers have already developed relationships with along with creating new partnerships throughout our community.

Be sure to follow @K9Camie to get the canine perspective on CPD news, happenings and developments.

This team of dogs has a lot to bark about!

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