Chattanooga PD Pawn Unit Say Increase In Reported Stolen Items

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-53 year old Roger Johnson faces charges of aggravated burglary and theft of over 1000 dollars.

It comes after Chattanooga Police found the items Johnson allegedly stole, including power tools and a ladder, at this pawn store off Rossville boulevard.

William Redman, Petra Homes, Victim, "Power tools out of the house inside and then came outside stole a few walk boards, ladders from us, had to be during the night on a Saturday because I came to check it Sunday after church they were missing."

Redman is concerned that other homes in Hixson which are under construction or being renovated could be targeted.

"You need to inventory your material coming in, homeowners keep your garage doors down, make sure they are locked, if you have windows in your garage doors, to take off the little tab as they will break the windows out,"

Chattanooga Police Department’s  special pawn unit say they are doing all they can to deal with the high volume of stolen items surfacing at our local pawn stores.

Tanya Kimbell, Chattanooga Police Investigations Pawn Unit,"There have been construction sites or where houses are being renovated, the tools that are there, they are taking insulation, anything copper and even windows."

Kimbell says homeowners can take the initiative and protect their tools, jewelry and electronics.

"To take down serial numbers on all of those items, put permanent engravings on them, as for as jewelry take pictures of those items."

Johnson has previous theft and drug charges dating back 25 years.

The item’s he reportedly stole have been returned to Redman.

Johnson bail is set at 15,000 dollars.

For more information:

(423) 698-2525 To Report A Crime To Chattanooga PD.

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