Chattanooga PD Say Finger Prints Led To Arrest Of Darreo Harris, A Suspect In The Waffle House Shooting On Jan 1st

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher,"The violence in this community must stop, the Chattanooga PD and the community of Chattanooga will come after anyone who harms our community with everything we have for as long as it takes."

Fletcher praised investigators and members of his homicide unit for nabbing Harris.
 Officers found his finger prints in the car of 18 year old victim Juan Boyd.

"That palm print belonged to Darreo Harris, a black 8/20/92 of Chattanooga Tennessee, Chattanooga Police officers arrested Harris January 13th for those charges I mentioned, homicide, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony."
Investigators added that Harris’s family are cooperating with the investigation.

One Local business owner says he’s relieved an arrest has been made but believes the shootings will not stop until this community in Brainerd Road comes together.

Walt Willis of Airway Auto Sales, Chattanooga, TN,"These young people are getting killed left and right for needless reasons, just because they happen to belong to a different gang it’s awful, lot of them got a lot of talent, they are not dummies, they just got the wrong mentors."

According to police, victim Juan Boyd was a known member of the Rolling 60 Crips gang.

Harris was associated with the Kemp Drive Posse.

Harris has a previous felony drugs conviction.

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