Chattanooga Police arrest home invasion suspects

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Two home invasion suspects in Chattanooga, who are also accused of impersonating police officers, were arrested.

Charles Pipkens and Lajeromeny Brown face several charges, including aggravated kidnapping and criminal impersonation.

Pipkens is a suspect in a case that happened in August on Acuff Street.

Investigators say Brown was involved in a home invasion robbery last month on Eastwood Drive.

According to police there have been at least five recent home invasions that could be related.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A man is arrested after a series of home invasions in Chattanooga, where suspects are impersonating police officers.

Walter Powers, Jr. recently moved to Acuff Street.

“It is quiet. Very quiet area,” Powers said.

He was surprised to learn about a violent home invasion that happened two doors down from him back in August.

“I would never thought that would happen around here. Don’t seem like this is the type of neighborhood,” Powers said.

On Thursday, Charles Pipkens was arrested in connection to the home invasion. He faces several charges including aggravated kidnapping and criminal impersonation.

According to a police report, a woman was walking into a home when two men wearing ski masks put a gun to her back. She says they told her to be quiet and claimed they were police officers.

She told investigators they then zip tied her hands together and another suspect came in. According to her, the suspects then pepper spayed a man that was also in the home and zip tied his hands together. Investigators say the suspects took $500, several pairs of Jordan sneakers and drugs. After the suspects left, the victims were able to free themselves.

Police say since this incident there have been at least four other home invasion robberies. They believe they could be related.

After living in cities with high crime, Powers says he isn’t worried.

“It don’t too much bother me now, when you here stuff like that,” Powers said.

If you have information about the home invasions, you are asked to contact Chattanooga Police.

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