Chattanooga Police arrest three gang members while solving nightclub robbery

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police arrested 18-year-old Lamarcus Copeny, 19-year-old Tyrick Johnson and a juvenile for the early Sunday morning robbery of the La Onda Night Club on Airways Boulevard.  Police determined all three are validated gang members.

        Sgt. Steve Campbell works as the Chattanooga PD Intel Sergeant. He said, "You can’t prove every crime involving a gang member is gang motivated, but sometimes you have clear indications that this was motivated because a particular group is arguing with another group and have hostilities back and forth."

        That’s where Chattanooga Police Intel Sergeant Steve Campbell comes in.  He monitors several forms of intelligence, including social media, to look for signs of future crime in Chattanooga.

        Sgt. Campbell said, "If our confidential informants or social media is indicating there is a beef, or serious hostilities between two groups, then obviously we’re going to notify our chain of command and put out intel products to those who need to know."

        This makes up one of what Chattanooga P.D. calls the three pillars of policing.  Officers also focus on community-oriented policing and focused deterrence. Sergeant Campbell says these arrests were not because of the V.R.I., just good police-work.

        Sgt. Campbell added, "They were able to have the intel and look at the gang validation list to know that these are members of a particular group, that we’ve been actively looking at.  Not through any enforcement action, this was just an example of good old-fashioned policing."

        Officers say the teens’ gang is not currently the target of any V.R.I. enforcement action.

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